New track complete at Lynn View Community Center

Matthew Lane • Jun 24, 2020 at 2:00 PM

KINGSPORT — It’s time to lace up your sneakers because the new track at the Lynn View Community Center is complete and ready for use.

The track, which loops around the football field at the facility, has not been in the best of shape for years, but it still managed to serve its purpose for the people of Lynn Garden. Last year, however, Kingsport decided to make a series of improvements at Lynn View, the first of which was an update to the track.

That work was recently finished with the track being completely revamped and painted green with new white striping. It was completely rebuilt and widened to allow for a spring lane. The project also included the installation of a new water fountain/water bottle refill station.

Andy Anderson, who lives in Lynn Garden, makes it an effort to go out to the track twice a day for exercise, walking eight laps during each visit.

“It was OK before, but now it looks even better,” Anderson said.

Kitty Frazier, the manager of Kingsport’s parks and recreation department, said the city is planning to start some new programming at the Lynn View track, such as a walking club and a track camp. If you’re interested in participating, call (423) 343-9723 for more information.

The total cost of the new track was $181,267, with $146,000 of the funding provided through a Project Diabetes grant from the Tennessee Department of Health in 2019.


Kingsport received a $450,000 Project Diabetes grant last year, the only community in Northeast Tennessee to do so. Funds are meant to be spent on projects that aim to help reduce diabetes and obesity and improve wellness initiatives within the community.

The grant provides $150,000 a year for three years and has no matching portion. Kingsport took this money, added in some of its own and laid out the following three-year improvement plan for Lynn View.

— Phase one (in 2020): Improvements to the track around the football field.

— Phase two (in 2022): Creating playground space on the old playground site just above the old school.

— Phase three (in 2023): Creating a basketball court near the playground site.

Phases two and three were pushed out a year due to the city’s loss in revenues caused by the recent coronavirus pandemic shutdown.

The Model City received a similar grant in 2016, using those funds — along with $550,000 in additional city money — to improve and enhance Borden Park with two sets of new playground equipment, a paved and expanded walking trail, a resurfaced basketball court and open plaza near Lamont Street.

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